Bespoke menswear for men who don’t wear brands because they are the brand.

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Custom Clothing is Bold & Inspiring

When crafting a custom suit, you are creating a piece of art. Let’s explore a few of the details you should look for in a great fitting custom suit and design details that add a luxuriously unique touch.

The Perfect Shoulder

A well-tailored suit can have many things. A perfect hem in the pants, a precision sleeve length, and a flattering cut are easy to obtain off the rack. However, a perfectly tailored shoulder is hard to come by in off the rack menswear while being an expectation in bespoke clothing.

Your Measurements, Your Suit

You are a unique gentleman with a unique body. While off-the-rack clothing typically designs their cloths to appeal to and fit as many people as possible, your custom suit is created to your measurements from a pattern cut and stored just for you.

The Functional Custom Touch

Most clothing you find in stores today is designed to be made easily and quickly. Our custom suits take time and thus we create many details like functioning buttons, handmade buttonholes, and intricate pockets in your cuffs that retailers simply aren’t interested in including.

Your Style, Uniquely You

The biggest advantage of having your clothing custom-made is that you can control every aspect of the clothing. Not sure where to begin? No problem. Our staff is happy to guide you through the process of making your clothing yours.

Full Canvas Construction

Each and every one of our suits features a full canvas construction for a truly luxurious fit. The canvas material allows the jacket to lay on the body in a pleasing manner that compliments your natural shape as you wear the garment.

Made With Care

Whether you choose a Super 120 fabric or Super 140 fabric, peak or notched lapels, 2 buttons or a flashy 3-roll-2, each and every aspect of your suit is created and tailored to your specification with care and consideration.